August 1, 2006 – 4 UP in Mindanao profs went to see the end of the world. I was one of them. The three other brave souls were our Dean, Ligs and Trix. Together with the Regional Director of DOT and other DOT personnel we went to Kimlawis. Do you know where that place is? Clue: Behind the mountain where we stayed is Tampakan, a municipality in Cotabato. But before I dwell into the details of our very exciting and challenging trip, here are the major characters involved:

Ron – the photographer. His backpack is more expensive than his life.
Ligs – the evil witch in the architecture department who’s afraid of heights.
Trix – a member of TFA and my motorcycle ride mate.
Me – the owner of this blog.

There are many people who took part of the trip but these were the people with interesting stories.

Ok, so there was no interesting story. I just want to say that because this story might be interesting for you after all.Hahaha I know you are not getting anything from what I am saying right now. I am not that good with words so bear with me. Got that?!

To continue:

We left Davao City around 6:00 in the morning. It was an hour late from the original 5:00 a.m. call time in Ulas. Ligs and I were 10 minutes late while Trix got there on time. We were going to Kiblawan for a site visit and final feasibility study for a DOT project that day. The site was not Kiblawan proper but a part of the whole Kiblawan Municipality.When we got there, breakfast was served with a jellylike spoon and fork. Can you imagine the struggle? I hope so. We tried to eat fried milk fish and fried egg with those “utensils.” But that was not really the problem. The greatest quandary we faced was the fact that in order for us to go the area, we have to ride a habal-habal. Yes, I’m used to riding HH. That is the mode of transportation in UPMin. But the story in Kiblawan was a diffrent thing. The area, which is Kimlawis, is a 2.5 hours HH ride. That was 21 kilometers of mud and mud and mud and cliff and cliff and cliff and horse manure all over the place. The 5-minute HH ride from Mintal to UPMin was not enough for us, we looked for a more challenging ride in Kiblawan with a threat of mud pack and instant piggy swimming and cliffhanger with a little of NPA flavor.

Ok. Sorry. I can’t sustain the drama either.

Next scene:

When we got to our first group stop, one member of the team was not able to make it because she felt dizzy and she was so worried that she would get a free mud pack in the boondocks. Who was that member? It was Ligs. Trix had a little “puff” and we shared the HH going up. Yes people, we were on the same HH so to those guys who are secretly admiring Trix, and I know some of you, just so you know…thats really it…for you to just know. In our second group stop, another member of the team was left behind….until we got there.

Our lunch:

They Kapitan didn’t want us to leave the place without eating lunch so we stayed for a little while. They served us corned beef and “feeling” corned beef because the color of it was the same as that of the corned beef so we thought it was all corned beef. When we started eating, it was not corned beef after all. It was alamang or uyap in the vernacular.

Our ride back:

Everything was like an episode for the Amazing Race: The Kimlawis Challenge. This time Ron was with us sitting on the gasoline tank of the motorcycle. We were happily talking to the driver when I said “Manong, hinay hinay lang ha. Bahalag 5pm na ta magabot sa Kiblawan.” then the HH driver laughed so hard that Trix said, “Ayaw ninyo pakataw-a ang driver ba!” so I said “Hala sige manong, hilak!” Hehehe corny…but we enjoed that very quick conversation while trying to balance ourselves and tried to not go back to Davao with a mud pack.

On our way home:

We dozed off.

Watch out for the pics!

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