This next photo op was taken during our trip to Kimlawis in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur as promised.

Just a little background about the place. Kimlawis was the boundary of the Municipality of Kiblawan. When we say boundary, imagine how far could that be. I hope that somehow, these picture will entertain you.

My personal reflection about the two trips (Kimlawis and Atmurok) will follow SOON.

Wearing blue shirt was our Manong HH Driver going to Kimlawis. No camera tricks ladies and gents. It was like a 70 degree something going up.

The pink head you can see in this picture was my partner in crime.

You can see her full image in the next picture.

Don’t you just love my trips.

My partner in crime for this trip was an architect. Just how much I love being with architects? Imagine this ladies and gents, since sophomore years in college until now, I am living with an student-architect/architect. I even FORCED them to make me an HONORARY MEMBER of UAP-Student Auxilliary. Beat that!

Anyway, my partner was Arch. Tricia Leigh Sardina.

About Trix. She really don’t know this but her presence in UP in Mindanao brought back some lost Alumni Souls. Imagine, when word got out that there’s a new arki faculty, everybody went crazy and everyone wants to go back to UPMin just to get a glimpse of her.

Beat that!

In this picture, we were a few kilometers away from our destination. This was a futile attempt to look for a signal. hehehe Nope. She was just simply looking for a chance to capture the place on film.WRONG again. Its a digital camera and not film based.

We are actually contemplating if we are to go or not on this picture. Can’t you see? Ligaya was so excited in this shot. But I already told you what happened to her on that trip right?

The three brave souls but only two survived the Kimlawis challenge.

Watch out for the next adventure of Ligs, Trix and Me.

5 thoughts on “The Kimlawis Challenge Photo Op

  1. wow! great adventure! i am also from kiblawan but i have never been there in kimlawis. i have explored the turn rights and turn lefts of manila and even the rolling mountains of kalinga-apayao but not the majestic mountains of kimlawis! congrats! you surived! i know kimlawis is a great place!

  2. This TRIP! that was memorable: funny, scary, bloopers … and thanx for the lavander and gray cloth/runner/mat =)

  3. guess there will be no more trips of trix, ligs and i that people should watch out for. =( pero dapat magbeach muna tayo before the summer ends. 🙂

  4. wow! Unbelveble! Tht it hppnd hw z a beautiful place of kimlawis!! Everythngs it hvng chnge!! So amzng adventure!! Gud luck & God blssd…. Be peace wth each!!! An regards to all my relatves thr on kimlawis, such as malalay, di asis, obenza fmily, specialy to my beloved fathr,his name is apolinario de asis malalay,..he live in barnggay san jose,, i love u much papa, i miss u all!! God blssd alwyz!! By: jocelyn obenza malalay,,

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