These pictures will either shocked you to death or will let you laugh to death. It is up to you. The point of the matter is, it is up to DEATH.hahaha (evil grin)

My DEVC208 should look at these pictures. These are intended for her class. But unfortunately, I just can’t sustain the drama of me going/walking/running/riding horses “UP” there. So instead of showing it to her alone, let me share to you these pictures and why I deserve a grade of 1.0.Harharhar (evil grin)

This picture was taken during my trip to Sitio Atmurok (somewhere south). We visited a B’laan community and I am happy to say that somehow I found myself new relatives even if I am not a B’laan. This was “Riding on horses without a sadle.”

This picture will tell you how difficult it was to go to the site.

From our “invisble” car, you can see the first car being pushed by the members of the “team” just so we will not be walking for 2 hours minumum.

Don’t you just love it? I am not being sarcastic whatsoever here. I just like the feeling of going to an unknown place and discovering/finding the lost treasure.

And what could that be? Bottled Water. In this picture, you can see ME, yes, the handsome ME and ME alone (oh i just love myself so much) hehehe bringing a bento box for our lunch and a cellophane full of bottled water.

We were already half-way to our destination. A couple of hours more and we’re there already.

Glad i have my iPod with me. It was very helpful you know. Walking while listening to Justin Timberlake screaming out his lungs with “Good Foot.”

It was more like a PE subject in walking offered in UP Diliman.

This was my partner in crime during that trip.

Arch. Ligaya Rose Namocatcat
Rank 6, Board Exam
Official OC of the Century
Afraid of Brontok
Loves habal-habal rides

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