Duh! I always receive a message like this every end of September. Come on guys! Give the band a break. Can’t you find another song for this month?

Do you remember
The 21st night of September

Badeya, say that you remember

Badeya, never was a cloudy day

(This song is dedicated to Claire hahaha even though she is a Madonna fan)

Talking about September songs, the latest craze in our office is the soundtrack of a Japanese anime Bleach. John and Claire loved the lyrics so much they wished they were able to write something like that. Something like what happened to the eldest son in the movie The Squid and the Whale. They feel like they could write it so they want to own it and relive it and infect all the people worldwide with it. (Hihihihi)

The lyrics is something like this.

Tonight love is rationed
Tonight across the nation
Tonight love infects worldwide
See you some other day

Isn’t it fantastic?Marvelous!Superb!Wonderful!Amazing!Sogoy!

To Claire and John…this entry is for you…

Sa ngalan ng pag-ibig at katarungan…

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