It was not so long ago when I met limewire. Hehehe I know. Limewire is facing a multimillion dollar case now against piracy. I don’t know if it’s true. This entry is not in any way connected to their case if there is a case in the first place.

This entry is about the time when I started using limewire to download Japanese anime online. Yup! And that’s when I discovered FruBa (Fruits Basket). You may want to check, they have a GREAT FruBa entry.

So there I was one rainy evening. I was about to finish my downloading session of this anime. I really don’t know the story behind the title. All I know is that I am downloading another title for my anime collection.

But I was not able to watch it immediately after downloading. It took me how many days before I finally realized that I have a new anime title.

First Episode

A very kawaii desu ne high school girl with amazing, marvelous boobs living in a tent in a not so distant “forest” was preparing for school. Her mother just died and her grandfather could not let her stay in his house because it is under renovation. Because of this reason, she lived in the forest.

This first scene haunted me for a couple of minutes. This is not a common scene here in the Philippines. If you do it here, watch out for Bantay Bata, DSWD and all those other agencies who will hunt you to your grave. Bwahahaha *evil laugh*

The next episodes

I had instant Chinese Zodiac Sign History Lesson. Kyo, Yuki and Shigure are cursed that if they are touched by the opposite sex, they would turn into animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Shigure is the dog, Yuki is the mouse and Kyo is the outcast cat. Yes, there is not year of the cat. If you will watch this anime, you will know the reason, unless you will force me to.

FruBa lovers are petitioning to the creator of the animation to continue the anime.

Join my fellow FruBa lovers.

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