As I was checking my friendster account and silently admiring myself, i received a message from someone asking if i know someone and if we’ve met already. Facing these questions, i began to ponder, which i usually don’t do and come up to a conclusion that i am really bad in memoring names and associating it with their faces specially if i did not have any form of communication with that person after our destined meeting.

Then i realized, am i really that bad when it comes to memorizing names and faces?

Memorizing faces is a bit easier than memorizing names then later on associate it with a face. Believe me i know exactly what i am talking about.Take this for example:

I am taking my masters online so i get to discuss things with my virtual classmates and virtual instructor.Once i got the opportunity to meet all of them because my classmates here in Davao are sooooooooooooo silent. I went to Manila to do a group activity for a day.I joined the Diliman group and right now, they say, that i am part and officially adopted member of the Diliman group because we see each other once every semester but this is a very and totally different story.

Lets go back to business.

When i got to the meeting place, i had a hard time associating the names and the faces sitting in front of me.It was not hard for them because they often see each other because they are all based in Manila. And there i was, walking along sm north going to Veritas, facing strangers and all. And when we slowly get to know the names of the people, its a relief and a bit flattering. You can listen to lines like “Ikaw pala si ____? Ngayon alam ko na hitsura ninyo sa tuwing magpost kayo ng sagot” for the entire day. One of my classmates commented that we were like a bunch of kindergarten students riding the MRT going to Makati on a field trip with no mommies and yayas around. Candies were passed around and the mommies in the group did prepare sandwiches and the like for all of us.

Isn’t it great!!!

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