december 11, 2006, 3am – i am still in the realm of dreams and i just forced myself to wake up, take a quick hot shower, get dressed, waited for a jeepney for an hour, went to the bus terminal, rode a bus with 10 stops and reached cotabato city at 11am.

the upmin’s elite resource speakers and facilitators were invited to give a seminar-workshop in cotabato city on visual communication and presentational skills. maam marcy, maam karen, maam shei and i bravely took the weena (one way trip to heaven) bus bound for cotabato city.

we went directly to the hotel, fixed ourselves then fixed our stomachs because we were so hungry we could eat a camel.why camel?i dont know.

we went to their mall. i forgot whats it called.dont make me remember it.its just across the street from the venue and from our hotel so no sweat going their. we had lunch at chowking and ate the food like we could not get it anything like it in Davao.

Started the seminar-workshop, ended early then take a tour around the city. We went to the public cementery, catholic cementery and the chinese cementery. we saw the front view and back veiw of these 3. then we went to the city hall. amazing structure really. malacanang should look like it. and with the setting of the sun, the structure looks dramatic.

that night, we drank a bottle of wine and paired it with anchovies, slept late, woke up early, finished the whole lecture by noon then went back to davao in the afternoon.

literally, it was just a quick trip to the city of cotabato. and i hope that i can go back to that place someday.

5 thoughts on “A quick trip to the city of Cotabato

  1. bitterness again jean claire dy…i can imagine. if you were with us that time…your laugh would be the hardest,most felt laugh heard in that city…

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