I was born June 11, 1983 and 2007 is my year if we base it on Chinese Zodiac/Astrology.

Last Friday, my officemates were so into Chinese Zodiac Signs/Astrology. They talked about it before going to class, after class, during lunch break, snack break, jeepny ride and YM each other at night. Thank God I was not online Friday night.


Saturday morning, my housemate turned on her (yes, her) laptop, pop the magic words and started telling me about her Chinese Zodiac and everything else in between. She was so into it she researched about it all night, computed the things that needed computation and came up with this lengthy reading about herself.


It’s 12:30 in the morning, Monday, and I can’t sleep. My laptop is on. I am online. And I am about to experience China.

I was born in the year of the Pig and 2007 is my year. They say that people born under this sign are “usually an honest, straightforward and patient person. He is a modest, shy character who prefers to work quietly behind the scenes. When others are in despair, he is often there to offer support. This type of person is reserved with those they do not know too well, but as time passes and they gain confidence, those around them may discover a lively and warm-hearted person behind that mask of aloofness. Despite those born in the year of pig having a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, they have few close friends who understand them and share their inner thoughts and feelings. It is easy to put trust in pig type; he won’t let you down and will never even attempt to do so. Such people simply want to do everything right according to social norms”.


It is important to remember that these people are not vengeful creatures. If someone tries to take advantage of him, the pig type tend to withdraw to reflect on the problem and protect themselves. All they need in such situations is a little time to find a constructive way to respond. The people of the pig type are conservative creatures of habit. They dislike being made to travel too far from familiar surroundings, unless it is a trip to the countryside. They love nature and are never happier than when they are out somewhere, far from the city.


There is a tolerant and peaceful side to their character. Such people are never afraid to allow others their freedom of expression; they do not want to cause arguments and if there is any way to avoid arguing, they will probably take this option. They are not weak, however, and if the situation forces them to fight these people will rise to the occasion, whether it is to defend themselves or those close to them. People of the Boar type are the most admired by others.

source: http://www.wikipedia.com

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