Do you know this Japanese movie? The movie starred Joe Odagiri and Yukie Nakama and directed by Ten Shimoyama. If you are wondering who Joe and Yukie are, just look at the picture above. Joe played the role of Gennosuke-sama while Yukie is his love interest Oboro. This film is based on the book “The Kouga Ninja Scrolls” by Futaro Yamada.

The story is like a Japanese version of Romeo and Juliet. Two clans fighting. In the end, since both of them are shinobis, they had to defend their clan from each other. Oboro and Gennosuke had to fight in the end and someone has to die.

How about the Japanese anime “Basilisk”? You might have an idea already. Yup. This is also based on the book “The Kouga Ninja Scrolls”. The full title of this anime is “Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls”. You might be wondering if there is a difference in the storyline of the anime and the movie version “Shinobi”. This is a spoiler so if you plan to watch the movie, stop reading. If you really want to know, then continue.

Yup. There is a difference between the anime and the movie. But I don’t want to talk about it in detail so that people will not hunt me down.

Don’t you just love ninja stories? And I am writing this entry while listening to the soundtrack of Anna and the King particularly the theme used in the execution scene.

I can’t wait to watch the movie version of Naruto.

10 thoughts on “On Basilisk and Shinobi

  1. i know that Shinobi movie. Both of them are really cool there! (d’ya watch her at Gokusen&Gokusen2. She’s way different! :-D) But i haven’t seen this “Basilisk” anime.. Is it a tv series?

  2. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove shinobi. it has a special place in my heart. brings back so many memories. and! did you know that it was THE movie that really converted me to watching contemporary japanese films? 🙂

  3. i thought what made this movie THE movie for you in not THE movie itself but THE people you were with when you watched this movie. then you suddenly realized that Japanese contemporary films/tv series are so cool because of – gokusen with sawada-kun and shinobi with gennosuke-sama. hehehe

  4. I saw them both and I honestly have to say that the movie was an absolute disappointment compared to the near perfection of the anime. Character development was lacking (IE-Oboro in Shinobi lacked any of the traits that made her anime version so appealing to me, Gennosuke in the movie was kind of a wuss, and Tenzen in Shinobi lacked any of the darkly compelling character his anime version had) not to mention that for the most part they completely butchered the source material (Nenki for instance was turned into a 3rd-rate knockoff of Wolverine). Finally, while the anime managed to end with a sense of hope for the future, Shinobi’s ending was just the mindless shinto and bushido inspired tripe that got kicked to the curb following the Meiji restoration. If anyone hasn’t seen the movie, don’t bother. Just go and buy the Basilisk box set due to come out the end of October.

  5. “Yup. There is a difference between the anime and the movie. But I don’t want to talk about it in detail so that people will not hunt me down.”

    –that is why i said this. one could not exactly copy how the characters were presented in the movie…there is always that significant difference.we have to accept that fact. harry potter movies are pieces of crap too you know. you’d rather read the book.

    i was able to watch basilisk and technically, the characters in movie can’t exactly be like those in the anime…it is humanly impossible…


    but i still love the anime compared to the movie

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