One night, while Yani and I went out to eat dinner, out of desperation and out of choice, we decided to go to lawiswis. Lawiswis sounds like a patay-sindi kind of place where people get drunk. But lawiswis in not what you think it is based on its name. It is the “extension of UP Mindanao canteen”. Go figure.

But that is not my story.

On that night, Yani and I saw this sign.

Can you believe it? For what? Just like what solitary illusionist said, when you order you can say “Ate isang rice, isang pork, isang atay, isang boy at isang girl”. This is so cool.

I remember Tuxqs’s line in the play “Last Order sa Penguin” while they were discussing about the homosexual theory. “Paano kung boy, girl, baboy, boy, girl, pato”? Diba cool?

3 thoughts on “Wanted: 1 Boy, 1 Girl

  1. hahaha. dabest. parang yung sa “at the mall” entry ko. go see if you have time. wanted din yun. pero mas magaling to!

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