What’s with the number 7? There must be something magical about this number. As Chris Martinez puts it, we have “7 last words, 7 virtues, 7 deadly sins, 7 dwarfs, 7th heaven, etc.” What’s with this number that made it so special today?

It all started with the singing of the national anthems. Geneva Cruz thought that the Philippine National Anthem was another one of those pop songs popularized by Regine Velasquez. The Mexican singer who sang their national anthem looked like she doesn’t know the importance of her role in the fight. And lastly, the singing of “Star Spangled Banner” was a total tragedy. I suggest she should wake up and give up her being an “International Recording Artist” role. Duh! Flat notes? Trying to reach those unreachable notes? Get a life. There is what we call “reality check”.

Then after the singing part, Jorge Solis and Manny Pacquiao entered the arena then round 1 of the fight started. During this round, Pacman was already on the go. Fast movements but at that rate, it was hard to tell whether all offensive attacks were good.

In other words, the first few rounds were boring until…

The sixth round was full of tension. Manny realized that it is time for him to take this fight seriously. He has to win this game. Or else its a long, painful downfall for him. First few punches then came down Solis. Then another round and Solis went down again. The referee counted then in an instant, Pacquiao won.

So even if it started with the wrong notes, it ended well for the Filipinos. It ended with more dollar signs and peso signs for Pacquiao. Who knows? Because of this game, he might make it to congress. After all, this is international publicity without spending much.

Kudos to Pacman!

ps. This was the first Pacman fight I watched here in Mindanao. Usually, I am in Manila everytime Pacman has a game.

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