i am not the sporty kind of guy i guess but i still do engaged in sports activities.in swimming, i can sink but never swim and to think that our house is just a stone throw away from the beach.my ninong (godfather) went freakazoid when he learned that i was a badminton varsity member when he was “training” me to become a tennis player just like him by providing me with the right racket, balls and even shoes. His younger brother taught me how to play basketball.i can do free throws perfectly but i can’t run.asthma might take my breath away.

but still, i have my own little sports life that i can boast.

1. i am a badminton player. although not that good nowadays specially now that i am getting older.

2. i play bowling.

3. i do this – paintball war

4. i also do this-rappelling. also known as abseiling in British English meaning to rope down

5. and this-wall climbing

and all along i thought i had a lame sports life.just look at my pictures.

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