and all along i thought that science and religion will never be united. that religion has the book of Genesis while Science gives us the Big Bang Theory.


was watching the news a couple of minutes ago when they “featured” a declaration from the Vatican that all babies who died without being baptized will all go to heaven as a conclusion of a study of some theology scholars.

as BBC News in Europe puts it, “Catholic experts are expected to advise Pope Benedict XVI that teachings on the state of limbo – somewhere between heaven and hell – should be amended.

to read the full report, click here.

according to the catholic news, the state of limbo is just pure “hypothesis“. to read the full article, click here.


after all these reports, could it be possible that our faith is also just a hypothesis that anytime, a theologian scholar would declare that they advice the pope to just give up the acting?

on a personal note, somehow my view of religion has been narrowed to another branch of science that can anytime you can refute its teachings. the report somehow removed the divinity, the mystery, the drama behind religion and has become a “purposive, systematic and scientific process of gathering, analyzing, classifying, organizing, and interpreting data for the solution of a problem, for prediction, or for invention”.

somehow, this news made religion “systematic, controlled, empirical, analytical, objective, unbiased and logical” which are also the characteristics of a good research.


then again, this is only a point of view. a matter of a few minutes of being astray because i will always believe that my Saviour will look for His lost sheep and bring it with Him to eternal happiness. whether this be scientific or not.

One thought on “Escape from the Limbo (Religion:A Branch of Science)

  1. Born and raised a Catholic, I do believe in the divine presence, but in the back of my mind there are lingering “what if’s”. Faith is much like blind trust; we just have to believe, which go against human nature of questioning things.

    I was hanging out with a priest and some friends recently when our conversation went to the topic of The Lost Tomb of Jesus. I was ashamed to admit that there was a moment when I almost believed its validity (thank God I didn’t say it out loud). The priest explained how those of “little faith” were taken in so quickly even by questionable theories.

    And now, limbo! How can they tell us one thing for so long, and then take it back? Will this not cause us to think twice about “what else?” having been aware of church cover-ups in the past?

    Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog.

    ‘Love your site as well…will link.


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