just finished another Japanese anime series courtesy of realitylapse. the title of the series is “Black Blood Brothers”.

the main characters are vampires looking for home – the special zone in Japan. the special zone was created after the war in Hong Kong.

Jirou Muchizuki is from the bloodline of sage. he was the guardian of the sage Eve who died because of the traitor Casa – a lady vampire. Jirou was the one who defeated the Kowloon Lord, the father of the Kowloon Children, in Hong Kong. Who are the Kowloon Children? They are like uncontrollable vampires with a “deadly” bite.

Now that the war is over, Jirou wanted to expose his brother Kotarou to the real world. they left the holy ground and went to the special zone. but a group of Kowloon Children, headed by Casa, broke in and wanted to get the ashes of the Kowloon Lord to revive him.


i don’t want to write a spoiler so i will end it at that.

the reason why Jirou wanted to live in the special zone with his brother is that he wanted Kotarou to have friends. and he will do anything to fulfill that promise to his little brother. even the risk of getting killed. because it is only in the special zone where humans and vampires live in harmony.

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