saw this sign posted in our canteen. they are selling pups – half imported. what could the other half be?

just look at the equation written by some juvenile kids. it says half imported+half exported+half askal [asong kalye (stray dog)] = cyborg. thats 1.5 already.

what’s the breed of your cute pup again?

2 thoughts on “What’s the Breed of Your Dog?

  1. Hi Dennis,

    This is a great blog my friend, you have a great sense of humour and you are a deep thinker and wise man for your age.

    Best Wishes

  2. thanks for dropping by Malc. glad you find this blog amusing, interesting, deep and wise although i think these are too much praises for a blog full of grammatical errors. hope you will keep on visiting this site. 🙂

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