when i was young, my father was always sent to far places because of work. He would be away for a month or more. Sometimes, he would be home for just one weekend for an entire month because of work. one time, when i was 7 or 8 years old, i saw my father on tv. i was so proud. all along i thought that it was a good news. when i was older, my dad told me his team and him was captured by the rebel groups taking all their belongings specially the ones owned by the government (he was/still is working for DENR). their hands and feet were tied. they were blindfolded, unfed, thirsty, and were forced to walk for days to reach the other mountain.

that time all i could say was “ah.” now that i think of it, i realized that it was all for me. he was working so that i will reach what i have reached now.

this greeting is not enough to repay what my dad did for me but still this is important for him, for me.

that’s why…

happy father’s day to my one and only (am i looking for more?hehehe) dad. the best dad in the world.

One thought on “my father was captured by rebels

  1. hi dens, my dad had been to difficult situations too. like when a group of NPAs poured gasoline around their office with the obvious intention of burning down his office, also when he negotiates with the MI/ML, among other people, and when he was inside a Weena bus that exploded.

    Gahi daw siya! He’s always have this attitude of cheering us up despite of all the dangers and worries.

    we’re both grateful that we have great dads! 🙂

    i think i gonna blog this thing too!


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