listening to a song composed by Franz Schubert sang by a group of not so young individuals was a night i did not expected. Salve Regina, a musica sacra (sacred music) beautifully arranged for four voices (SATB), sung with a great deal of belief in one’s religion made me realized how bad i was as a catholic. and the first time i read the repertoire, i thought it was the same Salve Regina Whoopi Goldberg used in Sister Act.

listening to madrigal songs, these are secular compositions for two or more voices, introduced in Italy in the 14th century and revived in a different form during the 16th century, at which time it also became popular with English, French, German, and Spanish composers (Microsoft Encarta), made me look back to the days when i was still singing madrigal songs and popular songs arranged in madrigal.

but when the song L’important c’est la rose by Gilbert Bacaud and arranged by Magdangal de Leon was sung, all i saw were two people, couples, hugging each other in the middle of a country road during the time of Dukes and Earls much like the time of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

then everything faded and i was brought back here in my homeland as i listened to Chua-ay, Rosas Pandan, Usahay, Sa Libis ng Nayon and a song popularized by Sharon Cuneta, Bituing Walang Ningning.


yesterday, june 23, 2007, i went to see a concert of the alumni members of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. yes, THE Philippine Madrigal Singers.


as i was about to cross the road, waiting for the traffic lights to tell me when to do so, a girl passed by and i clearly heard her comment about the concert we just watched. she said this to her boyfriend, “gwapo man diay ug tingug ang Philippine Madrigal Singers noh?” (i never knew that the Philippine Madrigal Singers had a wonderful voice). sorry for the translation. i just can’t put into words her innocence. she just watched a 3-hour concert not knowing who the performers are and the performers reputation.

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