my philosophy teacher in my undergrad year…sir raymund pavo, asked me one question awhile back…he asked,”Dennis, what motivates you to do all the things you do”? I was caught off guard right in the middle of the hallway while two sections of philo class were taking their final exam.I pondered…long…

the materialistic side in my head answered him, “so that i can buy all the things i was deprived of when i was a kid…and that includes a decent looking crayons and a coloring book. perhaps i’m going to buy myself a remote controlled car”.

2 thoughts on “What Motivates You?

  1. how about more load work? stress?

    weird no, pero i love to work in a challenging environment…

    i really have to work kay magpalit ko ug laptop..hehehe

  2. my workplace is more than challenging…the environment is more than stressful…everything is in the superlative state…

    and i have to find more “rakets” to sustain my way of living…hehehe

    materialistic pa rin…

    and i want a macbook too…hahaha

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