October 12, 2007

Call time was 6am at the Department of Tourism Regional Office, Lando Center, Bajada Davao City.

We were about to start the journey i could never forget…sad to say, I was not able to document the travel from DOT Regional Office to the Area.

The Area: Sitio Paraiso, Barangay Tapak, Pakibato District, Davao City

We have to pass by Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte to get to Pakibato District. Our destination is the last barangay of Pakibato District.

Going to the Place:

The Place:

On Our Way Back:

5 thoughts on “A Trip to Lake Pigkolohan

  1. nice pics u’ve got in there, dencio. haven’t been to that paraiso. looks like u’ve been to place-hopping lately. good for u.

    p.s. i was trying to recall your blog url. got lucky i spotted it. it’s been quite a while, don’t u think?

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