i bought my iPod video a few years back and somehow, i was not able to use it in its full feature because i am not that “techy ” and somehow gadgets are so not my thing. in fact, i am glad i have friends who know how to explain some software to me.

i am not saying though that i am totally blank when it comes to my gadgets.


if you want to upload videos in your iPod (both 5th generation with video and touch), you need a special software for that. the good news is, this software is for free. a freeware which you can download as long as you are connected online. Click here to download the freeware. to download the manual for iPod touch, click here and for the iPod 5th generation with video, click here.

this freeware will convert video files so that iTunes will be able to play/sync it with your iPod.


1. Download the video converter here.

2. Download the latest iTunes version here.

3. Install the two wares. Once you are done. Click START – ALL PROGRAMS – JODIX FREE IPOD VIDEO CONVERTER.

4. Click Add files then navigate to the folder where you store your video files.

5. The Settings tab will appear. Here, you can view the details of the video file you want to convert.You may edit the basic information (Tag Editor) as well as the settings of the conversion you would like to do like Video Quality. Remember that the better the video quality, the bigger the file. Click OK.

6. Once you are done editing the basic information and setting of the video file, click Convert.

7. Then all you have to do is wait for the conversion to finish.

8. Once you are done, open your iTunes. you can either sync your iPod to your media library in your hard drive or you can drag and drop it in your iPod using your iTunes.

note: you may sync your iPod with your media library but in some 5th generation iPod video, once you sync it with movies, all your audio files will be deleted. i suggest that you drag and drop the file into your player. it is way easier and faster. remember to do it one at a time because these files are too big. it is not a problem if you are using a SUPER COMPUTER.hehehe

hope this helped.

enjoy your iPod!

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