it was not just another was one of the best asian horror films.hollywood adapted it and now it becomes one big f*cking SHIT…



The Eye was the kind of horror film which do not depend on musical scoring and “dementor-like” visual effects. If you have seen the ORIGINAL ASIAN FILM, and if you are a fan of asian horror films, you can easily say that our screenplay writers associate fear with silence and not depend on musical scoring. The Ring was one Japanese horror film that will really make your hair stand. It did not rely on special effects nor musical scoring. And the Hollywood remake of this film was the worst compared to their remakes of “The Eye” and “The Grudge.”

Imagine (yes, i’m telling you to use your imagination), the beautiful Jessica Alba acting her heart out, then here comes the musical scoring TELLING ALL THE PEOPLE TO WATCH OUT FOR THE F*CKIN GHOST!!! Duh!!!!!!!

HOW DUMB!!!!!where is the element of surprise?it is with the musical scoring not in the acting. it is not even in the special effects. if that is the case, don’t make a movie. give the people a cd of songs that will easily cause heart attack!!!


In fairness to Jessica Alba, the Dark Angel superstar, she did okay in the movie. the only problem is the adaptation and the approach of those who adapted it. many scary scenes from the original were wasted because DEATH looks like a DEMENTOR in this film.

Do remind the people who made “death ” that this is not a Harry Potter film.


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