ang dollhaus boys…

standing from left to right: malik, cil, and kura rye

sitting from left to right: cesar, tom, jah-em, and me


wala lang…gusto ko lang ito ipost…


bakit nga ba ako umalis sa dollhaus?

dahil sa mga kababalaghang nangyayari sa door 2, dollhaus apartment, churches avenue, mintal, davao city.

ironic diba? dahil napapagitnaan siya ng simbahan.


jah-em sine ta!!!


One thought on “dollhaus boys…

  1. True! but then again we still cant do that because the entire country is still busy looking at the merits of lozada and the things that he has given the public. maybe after all the smoke has settled down, maybe when the change has finally taken place, maybe then we could then probe (persecute) lozada… but then again when that time finally arrives, maybe lozada is already forgotten… maybe then all of these would have all withered away… just maybe…

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