the whole country is in rage now because of the ZTE Broadband deal. people are calling for the resignation of the current president of the republic. the CBCP already released a statement but they explicitly mentioned that they are for the truth. they did not explicitly mention their stand with regard to the national call for the resignation of PGMA.

my personal view of the matter is simple.

Mr. Lozada is a whistleblower. let us define first what whistleblowing is.

Whistleblowing is when an individual exercises his/her right to act as an independent agent by informing the public or a government agency of some activity carried out by the organization. activities that causes unnecessary harm to customers, violates human rights, illegal, contravenes the stated purpose of the organization, and is downright immoral.

This is what i’ve learned when i took ethics in organizations.

The purpose of Lozada then must have a moral motive and should not be based on the prospect of gaining personal advantage, or “settling scores” or whatsoever.

The act of whistleblowing should be impersonal in the sense that it is provoked by the behavior of the organization rather than by any personal motives.

Let us go back to the statements of Lozada. what was his reason behind his action? is it really to tell the people of the anomaly of the ZTE Broadband scheme? Or is it to clear his name because IN THE FIRST PLACE, HE WAS ONE OF THE RECIPIENTS OF THE BRIBE?

As what I have understood in our lectures, a whistleblower is someone who is not directly involve in the anomaly because his/her credibility as a whistleblower will lessen. he/she is someone who knows about the illegal activity yet not involve in it.

Analyzing the situation we have right now, we are offering Lozada a GLORIOUS ESCAPE from ALL THE ILLEGAL THINGS HE DID by GLORIFYING HIS NAME as STAR WITNESS.

which is in totality, causes confusion among people.

all i’m saying is, persecute Lozada too. after all, he is a suspect.

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