let us talk about the prayer rally walk out in Makati.

isn’t it ironic that people now are listening to ERAP about the illegal activities of the government, in particular, the president?

i mean, WTF are you thinking people. I MARCHED UNDER THE HEAT OF THE SUN!!! I SHOUTED!!! I RANTED!!! I SCREAMED “OPEN THE SECOND ENVELOP.” And all these would go to WASTE!!!

what is happening to the Filipino people? GANUN BA KABILIS, KADALI ANG PAGLIMOT?

the members of the religious groups who walked out during the rally reiterated this point. that was a prayer rally. NO POLITICIANS SHOULD BE UP ON STAGE AND TALK.


i really don’t know where the loyalty of former president cory aquino lies. she was on stage during EDSA 2 to OUST ERAP for all his “shortcomings” (an understatement) as president of the republic. now, she is ON STAGE WITH ERAP LIKE IT WAS JUST A BAD DREAM AND THEY WERE BEST CHUMS AFTER ALL!!!

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