past weekend.

saturday, march 8, 2008

i went to sm to open a joint account for the upmin alumni association.

ate lunch at rai rai ken

watched spiderwick chronicles alone and i liked the movie because it was better than narnia…

went to DCLA to look for some interesting movies. i bought sweeney todd, love in the time of cholera, enchanted and the tattooist.

went to nccc mall after hoarding some dvds.

i was invited to a cast party but i was not able to show up for some reasons i don’t want to disclose.

i went home.

watched the new dvds i bought.

talked to archie maniquis online. bothered and concerned and i literally don’t know what to do.

then midnight came.

someone knocked.

it was ged bagay wearing a big smile.

sunday, march 9, 2008

i went home.

then at 4pm i came back here because i had an “appointment” with ged at sm.

watched 10,000 BC.

then everything went down the pipe swallowed by its stench and darkness.

went home without eating dinner.

archie sent me a text message.

we talked.

went to sleep at 2am.


forgive me if i write this way. if you have problems with the way i write here, LEAVE.

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