august rush is a story of a boy who never knew his parents not until the end of the movie. he is the son of a famous cellist and a lead vocalist of a band.

the child star

the movie starred Freddie Highmore, the amazing child actor in finding neverland, arthur and the minimoys, spiderwick chronicles, tim burton’s charlie and the chocolate factory, and will soon lend his voice to astro boy. if not for him and the OST, i would not recommend this movie.

the critique

if you’ve noticed, i only have 2 sentences to summarize the movie because there is nothing to summarize. it is like a contemporary version of oliver twist. although their was a recent version of oliver released not so long ago.

why so?

  • august and oliver are very much alike. oliver lost his parents. august hoped that his parents would soon find him. they both live in an orphanage and they were being bullied by someone older than them.
  • august left the orphanage, oliver was sold.
  • out of their comfort zones, they met a boy. august met arthur, oliver met the artful dodger. then they were brought to a leader of a “gang.” august met wizard while oliver met fagin.
  • their HQ: an old, abandoned theater.
  • in the end, arthur found his parents and oliver found himself in the care of a foster father.

the difference

  • oliver (1968) is a musical. august rush is not. although august rush talked about music and how we can use it to communicate.
  • oliver never went to Juilliard. hahaha

the reasons why you should watch this film

  • raise me up, one of the songs in the OST of the film was nominated in the oscars and it won.
  • wonderful musical scoring
  • cute OST
  • August’s Rhapsody is wonderful
  • Freddie Highmore is the lead

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