i was able to actually take a break from a busy schedule last weekend (march 8 and 9) and this weekend ( march 15 and 16) and took the opportunity to hoard some dvds and did a little pre-holy week movie marathon. just as i said in my previous entry, i was able to watch spiderwick chronicles and 10,000 BC on big screen but i was not able to write a review about it, specially 10,000 BC.

here are a couple of reasons why you should watch 10,000 BC.

  1. if you are into apocalypto type of movies, then this movie is for you.
  2. if you are into stephen strait, then this film is for you.
  3. if you are into mammoths and saber tooth tigers, then this film is again for you.


the story is set somewhere where there is snow all around you, north pole, the alps i don’t know and i don’t really care. a certain girl with blue eyes arrived in the village and the shaman of the tribe predicted that after the last hunt, the 4-legged monsters will come and destroy their village.

the girl became the “lady-in-waiting” of the shaman. the prophecy came true for after the last hunt, the 4-legged monsters came and destroyed the village, killed the hunters and enslaved the others.

then the quest for the girl began. then at the end of the movie, the girl was saved. much like one of the episodes of naruto when gaara died and elder chiyo had to give up her life so that gaara would live.

the shaman gave up her life so that the girl would live – minus the chakra of course.

but the movie is full of inconsistencies.

  • i never imagined that english was the official language in the snowy boondocks of the north pole, the alps, etc in 10,000 BC. as i remember, the english language originated from the germanic settlers and roman troops. in fact, the old english was from the various dialects of the anglo-saxon kingdoms in england.
  • because it is a travel story, a quest to save the damsel in distress, they have to move from the snowy boondocks to egypt bringing with them in their travel the language of their tribe. meeting the tribes in the african desert meant teaching them the english language creating the first black english speakers (sorry, i am not racist).
  • if you travel from the cold areas of this planet going to egypt, you have to pass by a tundra before you reach the tropics but right after the cold regions, they reached the desert, then the tropics, then the desert again. correct me if i am wrong. as i remember it, from ice desert, you have to pass by a tundra, then a taiga, a temperate broadleaf, temperate steppe before you reach the subtropical rainforest. after the subtropical rainforest, you pass by a Mediterranean area, then the moonsoon forest before you reach the desert.
  • if they are not from the ice desert, then perhaps they are from a tundra. if that is the case, they still skipped two areas defined in biomes.
  • the movement was too fast. many things were not defined, others were unclear.

so, if you are planning to watch this movie, think again. i am not an expert movie critic. i am just sharing my POVs and mine will surely be different from yours.

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