Commercial Jingles

ten most memorable commercial singles ayun sa “ANG PINAKA” show sa Q TV

  1. seiko wallet (seiko, seiko wallet, ang wallet na maswerte, balat nito ay genuine, international pa ang mga design, ang wallet na maswerte, seiko, seiko wallet) di ko alam ito. sorry.
  2. sunny orange (sunny orange i love you, lemon, grape, and strawberry.sunny orange tasty drink, sunny orange super quality) read: ZENNY ORANGE… hahaha di ko rin alam ito. ibig sabihin, di ko panahon ito.
  3. caronia (caronia, caronia there’s every reason to sing and dance, the secret of beauty is in your hands..) yan lang ang naintindihan ko.
  4. mr. clean (spoken: follow the leader. labadami, labango, new mr. clean,power plus 2 labadang mas malinis, ngayon ay labadami,labango. mr clean mahal ka namin, dulot mo’y labadami, labango.)
  5. coke (i am the future of the world, i am the hope of my nation, i am tomorrow’s people, i am a new inspiration.and we got a song to sing to you. we got a message to sing for you.) di ko alam ito. yun lang. bakit kaya nasa top 5 ito. masyadong EMO!!!
  6. milo (i’m getting ready, get ready, oh boy what a day its gotta be got to feel right, gotta get going, i need my energy, olympic energy i need my milo today, thats what i need to last a day…a milo a day, milo, milo everyday!)
  7. electrolux (i’m gonna knock on your door, ring on your bell, tap on your window too, so come and open your door so i can show you more…)
  8. jollibee (isang tulog na lang, jollibee na naman.ang araw lulubog, bukas mabubusog, sa chickenjoy manok at yumburger bilog..i love you sabado, pati na rin linggo, hintay ka lang jollibee nandyan na ako…at home sa jollibee!)
  9. san miguel beer (shhhh-bum, shhhh-bum…yadadadadadada)
  10. knorr real chinese soup (just add one egg!)

iilan lang dyan ang naalala ko at naabutan ko. pero ito talaga ang tumatak sa isipan ko magpahanggang ngayon.

01. united american tiki-tiki plus for baby
02. malutong, masarap jollibee crisscut, malutong, masarap jollibee crisscut

4 thoughts on “Commercial Jingles

  1. andami nga eh…last aug 29 nasa intercon makati ako, sa ASAP Conference tapos enjoy yung topic tungkol sa jingle making at ang quiz.hahaha

    “parang may isang anghel sa aking labi na nakalutang sa ulap at nangingiliti…”

    sana tama ang lyrics ko.hahaha

    Knorr Sinigang sa Miso…hahaha

    saan ba makadownload ng mga ito….tindi!!!hahaha

  2. This is interesting!

    My father (Sammy Climaco) did the original Milo commercial (…great things start from small beginnings… (tapos) growing up with olympic energy, growing up with Milo! …Milo everyday!) which won an award in Vive Switzerland, and I’m glad the original melody is still going strong till today =)

    And I may be a bit biased but I find other memorable commercials my father did in the 80s/90s (I’m talking music compositions/arrangements… i wonder if you’ll remember them too =) it will give away your age!):

    * Ovaltine (that’s ovaltine power… ovaltine!)

    * Anzahl (anzahl, anzahl… the car paint of the future today, the choice of the professional!…)

    * Philippine Airlines ((shining through) above the clouds! (shining through) beyond the skies… the filipino spirit within me and you… shining through… on Philippine Airlines!)

    * Nido (look at me hon, you’re my number one!) –arrangement only, composed by Moses Agawa

    * Mimiflo (m-i-m-i-f-l-o… mimiflo!) –eto biased talaga ako, boses ko eh! =P

    * Carnation Evap (carnation evap, the full cream milk!)

    * Cheeze Curls by Jack’n Jill (cheesy cheeze curls, you’re the one… you make snack time lots of fun!… cheesy cheeze curls you’re my favorite cheesy treat!)

    * Royal True Orange (isa lang ang walang katulad… isa lang ang original! Royal True Orange!)

    * Promil ((gifted child)… the sun is in the center of the solar system… moving around it are the planets…) –instrumental

    * Toyota (several versions: tamaraw super diesel, you got me, oh what a feeling (aired in the states))

    * Nissan Patrol Safari (never takes no for an answer!!!)

    * Mitsubishi (driving through life with my mitsubishi!)

    * Rejoice (several versions: akiko thompson, big girls don’t cry)

    * Colgate (kiddy-kuticuts! (acapella))

    * McDonald’s (…there’s a difference at McDonald’s you’ll enjoy!)

    * Knorr Sinangag (a-ha-ha-ha-ha-hay!)

    * Tide (ang puti puti!)

    * Taquitos (new taquitos! it’s simply… wooooow!)

    * Mr. Chips (i want nacho! mr. chips!)

    * Home Pride (home pride spaghetti macaroni high grade pasta!)

    * Payless (enero, pebrero, marso, abril, mayo, payless ang gustong-gusto! …payless number one sa amin!)

    * Uncle Pops (here he comes, uncle pops! “hi there!” hello, uncle pops…)

    * The Bar (get the bar, anytime, anywhere! …get the bar!)

    * Axe (axe deo cologne!) –instrumental

    Oh boy, marami pa… but i should stop because it’s starting to look like an archive! =P though it brings back memories =)

    Yun lang, just sharing! =)

  3. Top 10 memorable commercial jingles for me: (in no particular order)

    * Coke – ito ang beat sabay-sabay, ito ang beat bawal sablay pabilis ng pabilis wag magmimiss wag magmimiss gets mo na gets ko na? cocacola nahihilo nahihilo nalilito nalilito, coke ko ito coke ko ito!
    * Skin White – theme song “Shine” by Regine Velasquez: You make me shine, shine like a stars in the heaven, Im shining on all because of you.
    * Mr.Clean – labadami, labango…
    * Palmolive – I can feel it! (with Alice Dixon)
    * Jollibee – isang tulog na lang, jollibee na naman.ang araw lulubog, bukas mabubusog, sa chickenjoy manok at yumburger bilog..i love you sabado, pati na rin linggo, hintay ka lang jollibee nandyan na ako…at home sa jollibee!
    * Sunny Orange – Sunny Orange I love you, lemon, grapes and ice cola…
    * Family Rubbing Alcohol – Di lang pampamilya pang-sports pa!
    * Milo – Great things start from small beginnings. Growing up with Milo, Milo everyday…
    * McDonalds – paparappapap love ko ‘to!
    * Close Up – theme songs such as Closer You and I and Just A Smile Away
    * Colgate – brush brush brush three times a day, brush brush brush to make cavities away brush brush brush three times a day BRUSH WITH COLGATE! sheegeeesheegeee… one bago matulog brush brush brush dalawa bago kumain brush brush brush three bago matulog brush brush brush brush with colgate!

    other memorable commercial jingles including:
    * United American Tiki-tiki Plus for Babies
    * San Miguel Beer – Sabado Nights and Mahaba-habang inuman, SanMig Light!
    * Nido – look at me now you’re my number one!
    * Coke – the song performed by Nikki Gil
    * Caronia

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