Holy Week

When i was still a kid, i used to really hate Holy Week for so many reasons. One, i was one of the angels for the “salubong” or “sugat.” Being  a kid, 5am was really early for me that time. I was up there, with my all white costume and my wings, trying to stay awake while singing the hymns. Then the last thing i remember was i was lying on cold, solid ground. The angel has fallen. And that explains my personality now – a fallen angel. hahaha

But that is not my topic really.

Last holy week, Black Saturday to be exact, i was watching TV and they were showing a special on the life of FPJ.

Listening to all the testimonials from all his friends and family members, i hereby present my theory as to why FPJ died on the 14th of December, never given a chance to serve the country as its president.

“Good people die young.”

Based on the testimonials, the Lord DID NOT allow FPJ to enter the world of politics so that it will not pollute his mind. He did not allow FPJ to commit sins brought by politics and be with people who’s souls are currently being toasted in hell. He did not allow FPJ to be with people who doesn’t understand the meaning of being a public official. He did not allow FPJ to be with people who make politics a way of life, a family business, and a source of income.

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