Its Andrew Lloyd Webber night in American Idol and it is thought to be one of the most difficult nights for the contestants.

Interesting performances but not mind blowing. Well maybe except for a few.

Syesha Mercado’s performance was nice but I was not blown away. The judges loved it though but I don’t trust their judgments specially that of Paula Abdul.

I may sound biased but I still like Jason Castro’s performance just because he sounds like Jason Mraz and I totally like his previous songs. Him singing “Memory” from Cats sang by Elaine Paige was intriguing and at the same time a total challenge for him. He did have some problems reaching the high notes and at the same time owning the song so that he will not sound like Elaine Paige or Barbara Streisand. I still hope that the Americans would still vote for him after that.

Brooke White should consider going back to beauty school. The first time she messed up with her song was cute. The second time was a mortal sin. She sang “You Must Love Me.” Honestly, Madonna sang it way better compared to her. The notes of the song were all against her. And Paula Abdul had a hard time looking for positive words to say.

Then David Archuleta aka David Achuliling sang “Think of Me” from the musical “Phantom of the Opera.” It was okay just as Simon said but totally forgettable. And still Randy and Paula loved him so much they kept on telling him he can sing anything. Paula even said that even if David A. would sing the phonebook, it would still sound amazing. Well, let him sing the freaking phonebook. I had enough of the Mickey Mouse Club already. Yes, he got the notes right and he sang it well but that was it.

Carly Smithson on the other hand had two song choices “All I Ask of You” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” but ended up performing the latter as per advice of Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. Carly Smithson singing “All I Ask of You” would be like listening to David Archuleta singing it and it is not a good thing. This may not be her best performance for me but she did sang it well and she had stage presence. Good thing it is not about a powder keg that gives off sparks kind of song.

Then finally, the star of the night, the other David in the bible of American Idol, David Cook, who has done several stage plays, entered the stage singing “The Music of the Night” from “Phantom of the Opera.” It sounded like the one from the musical at first up until the middle part of the song when David slowly infused his own style into it. Need I say more? Watch this.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night in American Idol 7

  1. you dont trust the judges judgement?? eehhh. the Only reason those contestants are even there is because the Judges put them there. and paula is said to be the strongest judge behind the scenes, the one whoses favorites Always make top 24

  2. yes i don’t trust her judgment because it seemed as if there is no bad performance for her. she may be the strongest judge behind the scenes but she sure does not show it on screen. kind she may be who doesn’t want to “Hurt” the feelings of others by coating it with sweet words. but then again, this is a popularity contest. people still have biases even if the performance is bad. but who cares? its american idol. and yes. it was an awful night but it surely was entertaining.

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