I’m alone now and super bored on a Friday night. Johnnypanic is somewhere partying and Liguified is doing her thing with the IPs again. Me? I’m stuck here in Mintal, in front of my laptop, editing the script for the AVP of UP Mindanao. To make it simple, I am working on a Friday night. I’ve got no new movies to watch. No new songs to play and no food to eat.

So I’m blogging. An entry not really worth reading because perhaps it won’t mean anything to anyone reading this. But what the heck, I’m still writing this entry.

First stop, early Friday morning, Johnnypanic showed me a video of Britain’s Got Talent featuring a Filipina auditioning for a spot in the contest. Yes, a Filipina named Madonna Decena who is a club singer in Great Britain. She’s got talent for one so getting a spot in the competition might not be that difficult for her. I just can’t stand the drama. It is the usual telenovela kind of story common to all of us here in the Philippines – a woman who went abroad to work so that she can give her children the comfort and money they need to survive in this country.

Yes, an OFW story. Well, what can we do? It is how we define family here in the Philippines. A family is composed of a mother and children with a father working abroad or a father and children with a wife working abroad or parents with children working abroad. Common denominator, one or more are working abroad because the price of rice and petroleum is increasing in a velocity of light.

I am not against it though. In fact, I might end up working somewhere in a not so well lighted factory in China.

Everyone in the audience were misty eyed and even one of the judges. Of course we could not expect Simon Cowell to cry.

Well, here is a video of her audition. Watch it. She received a standing ovation from everyone.

Now its almost 10 in the evening. I still have more time to think about life in general.hahaha

And I am listening to Madonna’s “The Immaculate Collection” album.hahaha
I had enough Madonna for today so I got to stop it.

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