I was thrilled the first time I knew that Madonna Decena, a Filipino OFW in Britain, joined Britain’s Got Talent and surprisingly wowed the judges and the audience inside that wonderful proscenium theater. In fact, I hope she wins.

But then again,

Charlie Green, born and raised in the UK from a Filipino mother and a Briton father, come up the stage and sang “The Summer Wind.” He sang it beautifully and this kid has a lot of hidden grooves as well as she sways with the song.

I’m loving his version of the song and I hope he wins. It was a fantastic performance. And I never saw Simon Cowell smile the whole time he listened to Charlie Green.

Watch the video.

6 thoughts on “Charlie Green in Britain’s Got Talent

  1. i love charlie green how he sings…he’s voice is to…excellent for me
    i hope he will be a good singer someday..and i wish that someday i will see him in person…hehehehweheh…great performance … this is your the number one fun in the philippines

    from john mari ramirez15 years age,from zamboanga city,philippines

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