Yesterday,my laptop finally decided to take its leave and I am left behind with so many things to do and I can’t move on because all my files are in it. I do have a backup but it’s not the updated version because I have scheduled the updating this Friday.

Also, I am supposed to submit a very important document tomorrow and I am not yet done with it because I don’t have any computer at home other than my late great laptop.


It was just yesterday when it died – both the battery and the adaptor, and yet it seemed like forever already. Johnnypanic said he missed the computer keyboard already. Yes. His MacBook crashed and so he has to fly to Cebu, where the nearest Apple Service Center is, to bring his MacBook back to life. So both of us are now computerless and the internet connection at home suddenly became useless and we are paying 1,000 a month for it.


Another Mac Story.

My high school bestfriend Mac listened to my ranting last Monday because I was so mad – an understatement really. The emotion was more of destructive and warlike and when I am in my Hitler mode, I need to treat myself with good food.


Johnnypanic and I went to Picobello to treat ourselves with two gargantuan slices of porkchop and a plate of risotto – a traditional Italian dish, and ended up paying 600 bucks for it. Aside from that, we gorged ourselves to good movies as we paraded ourselves at Mantex and I got myself “Once Upon A Time In America” while Johnnypanic bought the French Trilogy “Three Colors (Bleu, Blanc, Rouge).”


And now, here I am, back in Netopia SM Branch just like the old days.

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