Title of the Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
Author: Mark Haddon

I finished reading this book a long time ago but I haven’t found the right time and the right mindset to write about…until now.

The cover design of this book will surely get your attention while you kill time inside a bookstore. Once you are hooked with its design, you will soon realize that the content of the book is promising – not that I am a good judge of good books and good writing (creative writing people will surely laugh at me).

Preview (Spoiler)

Well, the whole story is all about Christopher Boone who is a mathematically gifted autistic teenager who discovered that his neighbor’s dog was murdered. He was at the crime scene first so everyone thought it was him who stabbed the dog with a pitch fork. He was brought to the police station for questionning and for assaulting an officer on duty.

When his father got him out of the police station, he began his quest to solve the mystery of the murder of Mrs. Shears’s dog. While trying to solve the mystery, he wrote a book about his little detective game. Later in the story he found out that his mother eloped with the husband of Mrs Shears and his father killed Wellington, the dog.

To continue…

What is interesting about this book is that you get to see how an autistic child thinks and reacts to his surroundings. I remember when I volunteered for Special Olympics, a sports festival designed for the gifted, that each child shows affection in a different way. Others get physical, too physical sometimes, and others don’t want to be touched.

Reading the experiences of the protagonist in this story made me realize how interesting it would be to be in the mind of an autistic child – a different view of the world will surely greet you with a bang. Will it be like that of the protagonist in this book? Will he/she be that sensitive to sound, color and light? How does a gifted child reacts to the changes of the world?

This might be my concept for the monologue I am writing.

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