summer is almost over and here i am still stuck in mintal like my other summers since 2004. but what made this summer different from the other summers is that this summer probably is the worst summer i ever had in my entire life.worst than being bum, jobless, even worst than being a virgin at the age of 40 – that kind of worst.

and mind you, this ranting is not because of work.not yet.

and somehow, realizations poured in.and decisions had to be made but not yet for implementation.soon but not now.


i should say that because i can’t rely on the sympathy of others – and i mean everyone, i have to take matters in my own hands before i lose my sanity or worst, suicidal.


good thing i have a blog. the only _____ i can “talk” to.


when i was in college, i was an intern of the Philippine Educational Theater Association or PETA. the production was held at Assumption in San Lorenzo, Makati City – an elite’s village.

during breaks, we walk around the village looking at houses and exchanging smiles with the house helpers aka maids wearing their usual black and white or plain white uniform.they even have a store that specializes in maid’s uniforms.


why do we need maids?

  • we are so rich we need to spend our money.
  • we are so nationalistic we feel that it is our duty to provide jobs to those who need it because the government can’t provide it.
  • we love the feeling of having power over other people.
  • we need someone who will wash our underwear.
  • we need someone who will clean the house.
  • we need someone simply because we can’t do things on our own or perhaps we don’t do things on our own.

in other words, maids exist to cover up the mess of others. maids exist for other people’s convenience.


tomorrow i will wear black and white – support the UP All Workers Union!

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