I left for Dipolog City at 3am last 22 May 2008 to be one of the judges for the P’gsalabuk Street Dance – Dipolog’s version of Kadayawan Festival.

The travel was gruesome – 16 hours to be exact. But then again, I slept through it. Not until we reached Ozamiz City then I realize that I am already too far away from Davao City. The moment we crossed the straight from Misamis Oriental to Misamis Occidental, I knew then that Dipolog is somewhere near. I also met Errol Lozada, a batchmate in UP, on the way to Ozamiz. Had a quick chat then back to my autistic mode.

Then, after another 4 hours, we arrived in Dipolog at around 9pm.


23 May 2008 – Street dance Competition

7am was the call time for a quick tour and photo shoot for the City’s brochure.

4pm was the intended time for the street dance competition to start. I was assigned at Station 1. I was seated on top of a police car with 4 assistants – 1 timer, 1 recorder, 1 assigned to hold the umbrella and 1 was assigned to bring water. I felt like a King that day. Aside from that, you get to see the whole parade with ease.

Notice the two girls leading the parade. One looked like a mixture of Cinderella and Snow White while the other one looked like a lost Kindergarten girl forced to take the lead in the street dance.

After the 12th entry, I went to the showdown area to take some pictures.


On my way back to Davao from Cagayan, inside bus number 2722, I sat beside Tarsy who I thought was a high school student. Good thing he took that as a compliment.

5 thoughts on “Weekend in Dipolog (On Meeting Tarsy)

  1. dave and bryan: sorry. have less pics on this trip. i only brought a 512MB memory stick. i will be updating my portfolio soon.i guess.if i have time.

    thanks for dropping by.

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