Spasm is defined as a sudden, involuntary contraction of the muscle. It is sometimes caused by anxiety and stress.

Lately, been suffering from localized muscle spasm and joint pains. Consulted a doctor already and I was advised to not carry anything that is heavy specially that I am scoliotic. I have been taking an anxiolytic lately to help me get some sleep although I am not taking it everyday – only when it is really necessary like now that there is a need for me to relax my muscles.

If it does not improve, then I have to see a neurologist.

On the other hand, I sent a message to Xavier, one of my high school best friends and a biologist informing him about my problem. If this is stress related, then talking to people about it will help according to basic psychology.

And you will really know who your TRUE FRIENDS are when you are in need. Xav sent a text message that he and Carlos will pay me a visit tomorrow night and perhaps will spend the night over so that we can talk about it, offer comfort perhaps.

Leslie Tom was also of big help by showing up in every last minute lunch break invitations and dinners. The company is really and greatly appreciated.

CeeJay for all the medical information and some more.

Thank you so much.

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