This is for those people who uses the Audacity software for audio recording.

As we all know, Audacity is an OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE that allows us to record and edit audio files. The good thing about this software is that it has versions for most of the major operating systems in this planet – MAC, WINDOWS, and LINUX. Aside from that, it is FREE. Also, audacity is user-friendly. At a glance, you will easily understand the software’s interface.

The only problem is, it does not export audio files directly as MP3. Instead, it needs a LAME MP3 encoder to do that. The question now is, how do you export audio files as MP3 in audacity?

Please follow these steps.

1. Download lame_enc.dll online.
2. Click “Save File”
3. Copy the lame file in your audacity plug ins folder. You can locate this in your drive C program files inside Audacity folder. The plug ins folder is located inside the Audacity folder in your program files located in the drive C of your computer.
4. Once you are done, start recording using Audacity.
5. After recording, click the “File” button, scroll down and select “Export as MP3”
6. Once you do that, a prompt message will pop out telling you that audacity does not export files directly as mp3. Instead, you need to use the “LAME MP3 encoder” because it has the lame_enc.dll file.
7. There is a question in the prompt message asking you if you want to locate the lame.dll file. Click yes.
8. Look for the lame.dll file in your drive C, program files, audacity folder, plug ins folder.
9. Click the lame_enc.dll file
10. Now you are ready to export your recorder file as mp3.

Should there be any problems, do not hesitate to leave a comment here.

If you want to download audacity, google it.

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