I went to the hospital a few months back for an FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) test just to check if my blood sugar level is still in normal range. I had to make sure that everything is normal to keep me sane. Blood testing has become my way of calming my self everytime I feel like I’m not feeling well.

And so I went to the hospital and underwent the whole process.

On my way out, I saw this poster. I had to take a picture of it to remind me of the symptoms of low and high blood sugar level.

But then again, when I ask my friend about this same topic, he told me that the boundary is 6 and on this poster, it is 7. What is the correct range for normal blood sugar level? Richard, my bro, panicked when he learned that his blood sugar level is 6.1 and he immediately went on a diet for more than a month already. The problem is, he did not consult a doctor. He simply trusted the Medical Technologist’s diagnosis that he is diabetic. But if you look at this poster, 6.1 is VERY NORMAL.

Enlighten me please.

2 thoughts on “Are you diabetic? What is your blood sugar level?

  1. To help burn calories the blood sugar level and your metabolism need to stay stable throughout the day. Many modern diet plans encourage eating throughout the day to maintain a healthy constant blood sugar and metabolism level.

  2. Sir,
    I am aged 54 sailing onboard C/E. I am a diabetic and upon testing my fasting level is 130-140 and 2hours after eating I am now touching 200 around. With medication and food can I bring this level down? consuming Tablets like Dionil continuously before food can bring this level down. I am using for the past 10 years. For the past one year I am sweating heavily even if I carry out 5min work.is the sweating is linked with diabetis.
    Dr prescribes two different type of composition. a) Glibenclimide 5mg b)Glimpride 2mg with sustain release of metformin HCI tablets.500mg.which is better to continue and what is the dosage before or after food?

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