February 2, 2009

Scary and unforgettable was that rainy February night as I marched through the hallway of Rizal SPED in Camus. I was brave enough to audition for the world acclaimed Himig Singers of Davao and fortunately, I was accepted.

The first two weeks was mortifying. I have to learn at least 10 new pieces in time for the first quartet exam scheduled this 26th day of February – from straight classical songs in Latin to something called “I’m a Train” is included in the list.

It is my fourth week now and I am seriouslly thinking of giving up because of the pressure coming from both singing and at the same time preparing for a major theater production. Anton Checkov will haunt me if I will bastardize his play. Should I pick work that offers nothing special but the whims and caprices of “the queen bee” or should I pick pleasure that offers not just the real pleasure of singing but concerts and travels abroad? Will I get the latter from where I am now? Will the latter be offered to me wholeheartedly without any hesitations as reward for all the things I did? But where I am now offers a not so enough salary to pay for my bills?

Then again…

I met some interesting, rather friendly (others are somewhat overtly friendly like the person seated beside me) people. I do not wish to leave these people, specially my latest confidant, but I still can’t find the answer to my question.

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