Before Camella Homes, there was Crown Asia. I wonder why they keep on changing the name of their company?

2 thoughts on “Camella Homes?

  1. daghana ug pangalan diay ui… mudagan baya ug pagkapresidente ang tag iya, kung makadaug, alisdan pud niya ang ngalan sa Pinas?

  2. Both Crown Asia and Camella Homes are subsidiary companies of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. Crown Asia focuses on middleclass housing developments while Camella Homes specializes on affordable, value-for-money housing. Another subsidiary company, Brittany, caters to upscale developments. Each company has a specific target market or income segment.

    Here’s my guess: The change from Crown Asia to Camella Homes could mean a change in target market and/or development intentions.

    If my guess is right, it is unfair for those who have already bought a property (like you, dencio). You bought a house thinking it is under the pizzazz of a middleclass housing development yet in the end, hindi pala.

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