I really could not get my hands into something interesting these past few days rendering my weeks colorless. After I watched “Coco Chanel” on DVD, finished the two seasons of True Blood, watched the latest season of Americas Next Top Model, finished reading “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman and watched the film adaptation of the book, nothing seems to have caught my attention.

Well, perhaps there is something interesting like how KB exploded in one of our rehearsals because of an Italian piece by Moridsen. I was absent that time but the atmosphere during the next rehearsal was unbearable and scary. And I believe until now the mood would still be the same. This rehearsal story may be classified as interesting but I don’t want to experience it all the time.

So last Saturday, before I went home to Digos, I decided to drop by at the mall, look at some stuff, met Tarsy, and stuffed myself with takoyaki without any tako at all. I went to the bookshop to look for a Sudoku activity book for Ma’am Marcy when I saw this word power quiz book. I was reading the introduction when I realized my vocabulary is as worse as my grammar.

Imagine, I remember I answered “catched” as past tense of the verb catch when I was a freshman in college. Holy horrors! This is totally unimaginable to those who graduated from a private high school like Ateneo. But for me, it was my reality.

Last Saturday, my reality was again tested as I read the introduction of the activity book I saw. The first word was amanuensis. It sounded like a disease. But alas! The word amanuensis refers to a person who writes letters and takes dictations.

Without second thoughts, I bought the activity book. And right now, I am already answering questions about Latin words and this is my modus operandi in improving my vocabulary.

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