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“Drag me to Hell.” Judging the movie by its poster, it looked too cheesy; and most of the time horror films from Hollywood are not scary at all. But this one offers a different flavor. According to critics, this is the classic horror film we all love. And I can’t deny the fact that I agree with them even if Hollywood horror films, specially remakes, are not that scary at all.

Johnnypanic and I watched this movie before he left for New York last August and after we watched the movie I realized that even if the film was scary, it’s not something that haunts you in bed days after. The reason may be because of some scenes that has a looney tunes-ish quality/effect in it. An example of this looney tunes-ish scene was when Mrs. Ganush’s hanky chased Miss Brown. But even if it has some funny scenes and Miss Brown is a super human, it sure was a good excuse to scream inside a movie house. And it sure was a good way to de-stress yourself.

As Sam Raimi said in an interview, he wants “to entertain, thrill and scare the bejeezus out of the audience, if I can, and make them jump and shout, and if I can, make them have a good laugh too.”(

And he was right.

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