I finally decided to take on the challenge of writing online. It’s not like I have not done this before. In fact, for the past years, I have been changing blogs from blogspot to wordpress. I even created a friendster and a multiply blog before (although I could not really write any note on facebook.) So here I am back in the cyberspace.

Where to begin? I really don’t know. It was so long ago I already forgot the commands for both wordpress and blogspot in posting links and editing. I can’t even change the theme of my other blog. But what’s really weird was I finally got my suspended blog re-activated. I don’t know why it got re-activated but I sure do remember why it got suspended. #blogadvertising

I hope I can do that again here. I really love the interface of wordpress and I want to keep my wordpress blogs.

But even if I can’t do it here anymore, I will still maintain this blog no matter what.

2 thoughts on “I got it all back

  1. hi trix.see?i haven’t got the time to update since January. will write several entries so that when i update this blog, it will be flooded with new things.i need to gather new set of readers.hehe i just have to get acquainted again with some of the commands.help me out please.

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