I watched the last part of Harry Potter today and I am somehow confused. I really can’t decide if I liked the movie or not. I have three points.

(1) The best scene in the book (for me) was not emphasized. The death of one of the twins and the redemption when their mother finally defeated Bellatrix was not that intense. One reason was, it was not shown in the movie how Bellatrix killed one of the twins. It was kind of useless to put emphasis on the line “Not my daughter you bitch!” because there was no conflict between them.

(2) I was expecting more duels! Come on! The book was full of those fighting scenes.

(3) I super hate the “19 years later” scene because it felt like they were just there playing dress-up!

But then again, I liked it because:

(1) It had that certain emotional impact on the viewer – not the story, of course, but the fact that it was the last Harry Potter movie.

(2) It had wonderful SFX.

(3) I finally saw the other side of Minerva.

I just wished they ended the movie with Harry, Ron, and Hermione holding hands after Harry destroyed the Elder Wand. It felt like the three main characters were saying goodbye to their fans.

But then again, “19 years later” came…

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