Too Wordy for an Exhibit

I thought I have seen the worst exhibit ever but nothing beats this NCCA aka National Commission for Culture and the Arts project at SM City Davao. We were just strolling yesterday when we happen to pass by this exhibit or whatever it was with a title “Glimpses: Mga Tao sa Filipinas Noon at Ngayon” by Dr. Jesus T. Peralta. I have nothing against the content. I did not read it in the first place. Why? Because the design would tell you not to look at it. It was literally a Powerpoint presentation printed on tarpaulin. The template looked generic as well. Worst, it was too wordy. If it was a book, they could just place a book there for people to look at, browse, or read. But hell no. If people would want to read the content of those tarps, they would rather buy the book, read online whenever and wherever they are comfortable.

Try to create something that can be classified as FACTS AT A GLANCE! And there is such as thing as, FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE! Just look at these pictures.

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