Few people commented that UP Mindanao students are apathetic when it comes to social issues. The basis for this comment is that only a few students attend/join rallies now compared to our time in UP. So, my friend asked me, “What should the alumni do on matters pertaining to apathetic UP Mindanao students?”

My answer is NOTHING.

My take on this issue is communicative in nature.

I told my friend that just like Rizal and Bonifacio, both have different ways of expressing and exposing societal issues. Rizal was part of the propaganda movement while Bonifacio took on a more aggressive approach and started the revolutionary movement.

Perhaps, and this is just a theory, students in UP Mindanao took on a new medium to raise issues. After all, with the current trend of making the information superhighway better and faster, people tend to be more active online than in person. Students start to bring their issues online. This “virtual street” caters to varied audiences and more readership compared to the real street when only a few people stop and really “listen” to the issues raised.

UP Mindanao students are not apathetic at all. Proof? I talked to them and asked them why. They said that there are issues that should be raised using a different medium – a different platform, and the street is not the only place where people can voice out their concerns.

UP Mindanao students are not apathetic. They just got more intelligent and wise to think of an appropriate medium to address various issues. This way, their effort will have more impact and will surely reach their TARGET AUDIENCE.

Gone are the days when people go to the plaza/park to listen to preachers debate. We are not in the 80s anymore.

Now is the age of New Media and Media Arts!


5 thoughts on “Apathetic UP Mindanao Students? I don’t think so.

  1. yes, online activism is a positive thing, but it must not end there. Online info dissemination will just make the students socially aware, not socially involved, its a different thing. Having knowledge about a certain issue without certain actions wont help solve the issue. At nagiging rampant na sa unibersidad ang mga taong katulad nito. Well, di nman natin sila masisisi kung ganito ang kanilang approach, may pagkukulang din nman kasi sa parte ng mga “aktibista”. Sabi nga ng isang quote, theory without practice is like a bird that never lands. Kinakailangan pa rin nating mga “may alam” tungkol sa isang bagay na makisalamuha sa mga naaapektuhan ng mga naturang issue.

    And comparing rizal and bonifacio’s struggle is a different thing. Iba sa panahon ngayon ang naranasan nilang paghihirap, mas halata sa panahon nila kumpara sa panahon ngayon. Nagbabago rin ang panahon, kaya’t kailangan ng pagbabago sa ating mga aksyon.

    Hindi ko dinidiscourage ang online activism, for at some point nkakatulong siya. Yun nga lang, sa sinabi ko sa itaas, hindi dapat ito magtatapos sa online lang. Kasi sa “street” lang natin maipapalabas na galit tayo. Sa “street” lang natin maipaparinig o maipapaalam sa mga tao at sa gobyerno na oo, may nangyayaring ganito ganyan. At sa “street” lang natin maipapalam sa lahat ng tao, ano man ang antas ng buhay nila. Hindi naman kasi lahat ng mamamayang Pilipino ay may access sa internet. Halos majority pa nga ang hindi nkaka access ng internet.

    1. hi earl, i agree with the points you raise but we also need to accept the fact that everything will start with awareness. moreover, this post was made in reaction to generalizing that students from the above mentioned university are apathetic and are not doing their part. hence, i highlighted the fact that they do have their share. and if taking everything to the street is being socially involved then i believe we have different definition of social involvement because as i said, the street is NOT the ONLY and EFFECTIVE medium to raise issues.

      i do agree with you though on the point you raised regarding rizal and bonifacio. however, the point of that statement was to highlight that even during their time, people have different ways of showing their social involvement.

      but i do not completely disagree with your points. there are some issues that only the “street” can voice out.

      then again, the whole issue of this post is generalizing that UP Mindanao students are ALL apathetic. and we don’t want that to happen because in the first place WE ARE NOT APATHETIC.

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