Finally, I got the chance to watch Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte” which starred the great soprano Diana Damrau as the Queen. Sung in German with English translations, I finally understood the reason why the Queen wanted her daughter to kill Sarastro.

Staged in 2003, the whole production of the classic opera was built to impress the audience with great music and wonderful staging. The costumes and make-up helped built the kind of environment and mood the whole story revolves and needs. Not that extravagant in terms of stage properties but it certainly was a SPECTACLE, using Aristotle’s own words in his “Poetics.”

There were moments filled with sheer joy as Papageno sings his parts. His longing to be loved and his eagerness to grab the opportunity to find his Papagena was felt through his beautiful baritone voice. What’s more thrilling was you could also feel the anger and pain in the Queen’s songs. It’s as if each note reflected the pain of a wife being robbed off her rights to a certain power.

All in all, this whole experience was a thrill, just like that night when I first listened to the Queen of the Night’s Aria performed by the Chamber Choir of Asia.

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