I peacefully ate my skyflakes in my hotel room while I reminded myself to bring any food in my carry-on luggage the next time I travel.

On my way

I was dragging my trolley in the middle of the rain that afternoon to the guardhouse of our gated community to get a taxi to bring me to the airport to catch my flight. I was on my way to Singapore alone to take another flight to Yogyakarta in Indonesia. I haven’t been to these countries however it was not my first time to travel alone and abroad. Guided by my little experience backpacking in Hong Kong and Bangkok, I soldiered on (more like pretending) familiarizing myself with two very different airport terminals.

So I took the first flight out of Manila to Singapore hoping that the flight won’t be delayed since I only have around 30 minutes to catch my flight to Indonesia from Singapore.

When I arrived, I followed, with a little brisk and hop, the flow of arriving tourists to Immigration, took a few candies from the counter while the Immigration officer explained to me how to get to the other terminal through the skyway.

“Skyway?” I asked the Immigration officer.

“Yes. Take the train to terminal 1,” said the woman.

I immediately went to a money exchange counter. The Immigration officer said I should get on a train and I don’t have any money to pay for it. I had my US$100 changed and then looked for the skytrain following the usual flow of people inside the airport.

When I got to the skytrain I found out it was free afterall. I wasted a few minutes at the money exchange counter for nothing.

I immediately went inside terminal 1 and looked for the Air Asia counter for Yogyakarta. With much brisk walking and hopping, I was entertained second to the last.

I survived. Barely.

Time Difference

Boarding Air Asia for the first time was interesting since having real meals to choose from their menu was refreshing. However, I did not really plan on eating lunch since the flight was only an hour – or so I thought.

I did not check in advance the time difference flying from Manila to Singapore and then to Yogyakarta. The one hour difference made my flight difficult to endure. Passengers boarding that flight either pre-ordered or ordered their lunch. I have none. I could have ordered my own meal but I do not have the right currency for it. I was hungry.

My seatmate ordered this to-die-for rendang and it smells really good. You can immediately say this meal from Indonesia was prepared with a lot of spices creating an aromatic experience a hungry person without any rupiah to spare will never forget. Even if the recipe includes coconut milk, I wouldn’t care, as long as I get to taste this spicy dish.

Worse, imagine everyone on that flight opened their pre-packed lunch.

Worst, the intensity of the aroma heightened because we were in a tube!

Upon Arrival

It was already 2 PM when I arrived in Yogyakarta. I went directly to the airport’s money changer, got a taxi, and went to the hotel.

In my room, I ate my skyflakes.

2 thoughts on “That Rendang Meal I Missed On-board Air Asia

  1. Gosh, I’ve also tried being the only one in a plane not eating! I barely caught my flight from HCMC to Manila and because of my tardiness there was no more food allocated for me. 😦 I was miserable during mealtime, so I can totally relate!

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