I am not driving for the next 7 days.


It was around 9 last Friday when I felt dizzy picking up the laptop bag from the floor. I was dizzy at first and managed to put the laptop bag on the shelf when I felt lightheaded. I ended up lying on my bed feeling like I was in a ship again crossing Sarangani Straight on a bad weather. A small movement of my head caused tremendous “movement” around me. Everytime I try to sit up, I would feel nauseous. So I stopped trying and went to sleep.

The next day I thought I would feel better. But I was wrong. I cannot stand on my own and with this constant movement, I feel like I am about to throw-up so I decided to go to the hospital.


Driving myself to the hospital was totally out of the question so I asked my cousin to drive. I expected difficulty commuting and it was the most unbearable 10-minute drive. I was greeted with a wheelchair at the emergency room entrance and the security guard on duty rolled me in. Nurses took my vital signs and told me everything was normal. So the doctor’s diagnosis was positional vertigo.

The ER doctor told me that vertigo can be the cause of fatigue and stress and these two buggers affect the ear which further affects a person’s balance. She also mentioned crystallized protein in the inner ear that has the same effect. Fatigue and stress are definitely not the reasons why I experienced balance problem. But enough with the what-caused-this and let us move to what-to-do-with-this.

They gave me a pill hoping that my dizziness would drift away but an hour later, the medicine they gave me had no effect. I still can’t sit up on my bed. So they gave me another stronger medicine.

Prognosis (by me)

An hour later I decided that instead of getting myself admitted to the hospital, I would pretend that I am okay. So I told the nurse I am already feeling better but at the same time planning to see my IM and my ENT. I went out of the emergency room and went to my IM’s clinic but her clinic hours on a Saturday does not include the afternoon. My ENT is not available on Saturdays. So I went home and told myself I will finish the set of medicine the ER doctor gave me and reminded myself to visit my IM and ENT after seven days.

Good start of the year of the ram isn’t it?


For now, I am taking 24 mg of Betahistine dihydrochloride twice daily and if this medicine won’t work, I have to add 75 mg of cinnarizine once daily.

The ER doctor told me that I should have felt better after taking Betahistine, however, I might be suffering severe vertigo so I have to double the dosage and take another stronger medicine for it.

Right now, I still feel dizzy even while I am writing this.

I have heard of vertigo before but I never really put much thought about it until recently.

3 thoughts on “That bugger called Vertigo

  1. Yeah. And all along i thought vertigo is just a simple dizziness problem. I never thought it can actually render you useless not being able to stand and all that.

    And I believe I should start bringing meds with me all the time. You’ll never know when will it attack and affect your daily activities like driving.

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